My first challenge – the Standard Chartered Dubai 10km



After one hour’s sleep on the plane last night, I have arrived in Dubai for a long weekend with my friends, Paul and Mark. The sun is shining, and there are blue skies over the city’s Manhattanesque skyline. It feels heavenly to soak up some of the sun’s rays and top up on my Vitamin D.

I started my gentle marathon training-programme at the beginning of January, and tomorrow I will face my first challenge – the Dubai 10k. I actually only registered for it on Monday, so it has all been rather spontaneous. My only goal at this stage is to have an adventure and savour my moments in the sunshine.

It was surprisingly fun picking up my number from Skydive Dubai this afternoon with my friends. There was a hampster-wheel which you could run in (or fall over in!) and a graffiti wall where runners could scribble a message.

Mark and I are now heading down to the Tribefit gym at the marina before carboloading at a Lebanese restaurant tonight.


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