Why marathon-runners are perennial jugglers…

CrownePlazaComfortZones   CrownePlazagym

When you’re training for a marathon, you have to be good at juggling, and time-management. You also sometimes have to be innovative to fit all the training in, especially if you have work and family commitments, but it equips you with important life-skills.

As I mentioned, I am following a training-programme by Paddy Mc Grath from Cookham Running Club, and aim to run 4 times a week. This sounded pretty straightforward when I made the decision to run the marathon over a New Year’s drink, but as a working mum, it can be challenging at times when your time feels squeezed.

But when you find a solution, it can be empowering and give you the feeling that anything is possible in life and no mountain is insurmountable. Last weekend, I was unable to fit  any training-runs in (sorry Paddy!) as I wanted to dedicate the weekend to the children and have some fun-filled family adventures.

Guilt-ridden on Sunday night, I realised that the only way I could fit my long run in was to catch the 6.17am train to Ealing on Monday and run to the BBC before work. Similarly, a few weeks ago, I integrated a run into a family activity by jogging to Windsor swimming-pool and meeting my husband and boys there. I like running for a purpose.

For variety, I also go to the gym to do some strength-building exercises and try to go to the Crowne Plaza in Marlow at least twice a week. They have just refurbished the Quad Club   and it’s beautiful and one of our area’s best-kept secrets. My husband Damian and I sometime go there for date-nights (one of our many New Year’s resolutions) – I am not sure how romantic doing leg-presses and leg-curls on a Friday night is but…! We also love relaxing in the serene setting of the spa afterwards. It’s a nice contrast to the running.


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