We’re nearly at the finish-line with our fundraising marathon for Gende Tesfa School…..

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I have some wonderful news, and I really have you all to thank for almost making this dream a reality. I still can’t quite believe it actually. Thanks to your generosity and all the hard work of the staff and pupils of Holy Trinity School Cookham, I have now raised £4,942.06 for the sports area and Breakfast Club at Gende Tesfa School. This means that we are £74.94 away from providing the children with the facilities they need for handball, volleyball and football. The total cost is: £5,100.

It all began with a crazy idea when I was offered a press place at this year’s London Marathon – my 14th marathon as a fun runner. Due to a permanent knee-injury, I knew that it was going to be the last time I could pound the pavements of our beautiful capital city for 26.2 miles, so I wanted to make it memorable and worthwhile. I decided to raise money for  Gende Tesfa School in Ethiopia – in March, I spent a couple of days at the school and was really moved by what I witnessed there. Not only is the school located in a very poor community, but nearly every family is affected by leprosy there. The staff and pupils there are  testament to the resilience of the human spirit – some children aren’t able to have breakfast before they come to school, and the sports facilities are virtually non-existent.

Mulugeta Gebru

So what else needs to be done? I need to raise the outstanding £74.94 ideally this week:


I would also like the children of Holy Trinity School to officially give the children of Gende Tesfa School their sports area and Breakfast Club – the children and staff have really spurred me on. I am hoping that Mulugeta Gebru, the head of PFC Ethiopia will be able to visit the school next Tuesday. Mulugeta has worked with the charity for 30 years, and is in the UK on a bit of a flying visit. Watch this space!