Introducing Gende Tesfa Women’s Group

November 17th

Another busy morning in Gende Tesfa. This morning we met the Women’s Business Group at the school, which JeCCDo overseas. There are currently fifteen women in the group and the charity has helped train them and has given them a loan so that they can start their own business. It costs around £100 to help each woman, and they run a variety of businesses, including selling injera, running a small shop, urban farming and hairdressing. Once their business is up and running, the women need to repay the loan within 2 years.

Caroline and I chatted to the women and found out more about their lives. They said that running their own business had transformed their lives and empowered them. One mother of three, Alfiya, who runs her own injera business, had just slept under a piece of corrugated iron with her family before getting help from JeCCDo. Alfiya says she can now look after her children properly because she has a house and a toilet of which she is immensely proud.

I presented each woman with a Maidenhead Business Girls’ t-shirt and they were absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much Amanda Ayres and Seema from Goyals for sponsoring this initiative. The women in Gende Tesfa would love to hear more about your businesses and link up with you in some way.

On November 26th, Cookham Running Club will have a Ethiopia-themed handicap run, where people can come dressed in yellow, green, red and blue. All funds raised will be donated to Gende Tesfa School. So today Caroline and went for a run with some of the children and staff from the school. It was great fun and judging from today, there might be some future Olympic athletes there!

Our last stop of the morning was to see a teenage boy called Matteus, who I met back in March 2015 when we went for a dusty 5km run with on the outskirts of Dire Dawa. It was a very memorable and serene run because Matteus is deaf and dumb. I went back to say hello with Matteus and to give him a small gift.

This afternoon we flew back to Addis Ababa from Dire Dawa, ready for the next part of our adventure.


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